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GSCC Radio is the official school radio station for Good Samaritan Catholic College. Its goal is to provide quality tunes ranging from famous old songs to the latest hits. The team here works extremely hard to keep GSCC Radio running. Updates to playlists and the website will be completed regularly to ensure you have the best experience. We also strive to provide information relevant to the GSCC Community, as well as live streaming important events and carnivals that take place.


Development and planning for GSCC Radio began early 2015. The finalised version of GSCC Radio was originally released on the 12th of August 2015. Steady updates continued for 3 months, with new songs being added to the playlist, as well as the addition of a catchy tune. After around 4 months of being active, GSCC Radio closed down due to unforeseen circumstances. This was due to some problems with listener count as well as other issues with development.

Planning for the release of a new GSCC Radio™ began quite sometime later on the 1st of June 2016. This was the result of numerous discussions being held, regarding GSCC Radio's future. GSCC Radio's official Instagram account was created on the 18th of June, along with it's email account. Development for the new GSCC Radio commenced on the 20th of June, with upgrades to it's site. GSCC Radio's Facebook page and Twitter account were created on the 4th of August.

GSCC Radio has now been released as of the 10th of August 2016. This time around, it's hoped that the radio remains active for much longer, with a higher listener count. Updates after release date are still ongoing.

GSCC Radio's first ever live stream event occurred on the 16th of September, which streamed Good Sam Day's Mass and Concert.

GSCC Radio Administration Team

GSCC Radio

GSCC Radio is the core of our radio station. ツ Without it, we wouldn't be one. GSCC Radio is in control of our playlists, live streaming and auto DJ features. It basically is the heart of our radio station.

TJ Bruce

TJ Bruce is the Manager and Lead Developer for GSCC Radio. He maintains the core features of GSCC Radio as well as releasing new updates to the radio itself and to the website.

GSCC Radio Staff Team

HTML / Adobe Flash Player Developers

  • David Montesin
  • Social Media Advisors

  • Julian Macasil
  • Bianca Picinic
  • Technical Support Team

  • Joseph Loria
  • Jonathan Martinez
  • Shavil Chandra
  • Music Advisors

  • Julian Macasil
  • Kaylin Stone
  • Antonio Dodd
  • Erin Andrews
  • General Staff Team

    None currently, apply below.

    Apply For A Staff Position

    Here at GSCC Radio, we are looking for students who would like to volunteer their time to assist with the development of GSCC Radio. Current positions open for application are:

  • HTML / Adobe Flash Player Developer - Assist with developing the website and implementing the radio within it.
  • Social Media Advisor - Assist with maintaining and suggesting content for our radio's social media accounts.
  • Technical Support - Assist with providing support to GSCC Radio users and helping with radio development.
  • Music Advisor - Assist with selecting appropriate songs for the radio playlist.
  • General Staff / Helpers - Assist with maintaining certain aspects of the radio and helps out with certain requests made by the Admin Team.
  • Fill in the form below to apply for a staff position. All fields must be filled in.

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